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In Search of a Place Called Home – Free Novella

Today is the day. Savannah Larkin is leaving her husband. He’s hit her for the last time.

With a secret stash of money, Savannah and her six year old daughter, Ezzy, buy a car in the hopes of leaving Austin and starting a new life in Georgia. Not just any old car, a magical car, that seems to know the songs Savannah needs to hear to find the strength to break away for good.

“It is heartbreaking, scary, inspiring, and captivating. I’m looking forward to reading the rest.” – Jen S., Reader 

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A Place Called Home

Savannah Larkin is on the run, fleeing an abusive marriage in search of a new life, far away from Austin. Far away from him. When her enchanted car leaves her stranded in a small Texas town, she discovers a group of people, each with special gifts, and each seemingly wanting nothing but the best for her. Can she overcome her past and learn to trust herself again? Will she realize that she doesn’t need to look much further to find what she’s been looking for? That safe haven. Her perfect little cottage, with a garden to call her own and with people who love her for who she really is.

A place she can finally call home.

Coming Summer 2022

The Family Tree

Breena Callaghan makes a living speaking on behalf of the dead. As a forensic genealogist its her job to find the lost heirs of those who have passed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a necromancer, and has the ability to speak to the dead — a fact she’s worked very hard to keep quiet, mind you. As Breena sees it, the dead are much easier to handle than the living. But when a handsome Army Sergeant brings her a special case that tests her abilities, and everything she holds true, she’s forced to confront her fear of living, and learn how to move forward, while still honoring the past.

Coming Spring 2023