Shennandoah Connor

Shennandoah Connor writes heartfelt fiction for women who accidentally took a left turn at Albuquerque, and after wandering the desert for decades, are finding their way back to the person they were while learning to love the person they’ve become. Each of her stories is sprinkled with humor, magic, and enough four-letter words to make your Catholic grandmother blush (Unless she’s Irish). Through her stories and her nonfiction, Shennandoah draws on her hard won experiences and lessons learned to help women find true self-acceptance without all the fluff and dancing naked in the woods (unless you’re in to that kind of thing). As a survivor of domestic abuse, she shines a particularly strong spotlight on the realities of living with post-traumatic stress, reclaiming your identity and strength after trauma, and above all, finding joy and peace in the life you have left.

When not writing, she’s eating way too many pastries, toiling away on jigsaw and crossword puzzles, tending to her garden on her rural homestead, binge watching Hallmark, and generally trying to be a half-way decent wife and mother (a task she always feels she is failing at).