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“It is heartbreaking, scary, inspiring, and captivating. I’m looking forward to reading the rest.” – Jen S., Reader 

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There’s Magic Everywhere

If You Know Where To Look

Shennandoah Connor writes stories about imperfect women who, after life smacks them right in the face with a curve ball (sometimes more than once), manage to get back up and find the joy they’ve been searching for. And even more importantly, find themselves. Written for women who love Hallmark, but who also have a penchant for off-color jokes and four letter words. Who want to read about flawed characters who are facing life’s challenges head on, and navigating in a world touched with just a bit of magic — if you know where to look.


A Place Called Home

Savannah Larkin is on the run, fleeing an abusive marriage in search of a new life, far away from Austin. Far away from him.

When her enchanted car leaves her stranded in a small Texas town, she discovers a group of people, each with special gifts, and each seemingly wanting nothing but the best for her. Can she overcome her past and learn to trust herself again? Will she realize that she doesn’t need to look much further to find what she’s been looking for? That safe haven. Her perfect little cottage, with a garden to call her own and with people who love her for who she really is.

A place she can finally call home.


In Search of a Place Called Home

Today is the day. Savannah Larkin is leaving her husband.

He’s hit her for the last time.

With a secret stash of money, Savannah and her six year old daughter, Ezzy, buy a car in the hopes of leaving Austin and starting a new life in Georgia. Not just any old car, a magical car, that seems to know the songs Savannah needs to hear to find the strength to break away for good. But before they reach the Texas border, an unexpected storm stalls their escape. Soon her husband is on her tail, demanding her return. Can she leave the only life she’s ever known and start fresh somewhere new? Will she finally get away and find the thing she’s been looking for? The thing she’s promised her daughter a hundred times before? Will they finally make this time the last time, and find what they want most of all? A place they can call home.

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There’s magic in every life, if you have the courage to look for it.

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